MAY: to be read

Recently, I have found myself glued to technology, endlessly scrolling, and unable to detach myself from the need to know what everyone is currently doing at my disposal. From the time I wake up in the morning, throughout my day, as I’m cooking dinner, as I unwind in the evening, before bed… I’m on my phone. And not only am I living vicariously through other’s people’s lives, I’m wasting my time, hurting my eyes, and spending less moments enjoying life.

And realizing how dependent I am on technology has made me  find an urge to begin reading again. When I was younger, I would typically read around three books a week. No exaggeration. Looking back, I’m pretty impressed by younger Kimberly with more free time at her disposal. But I haven’t read much since my middle school days, and while admittedly a lot of factors take part in that change, technology does play a big role in it as well.

So of course with this new-found impulse I hit some stores to find the best deal for my budget, as now I am a homeowner with actual bills to pay and an actual budget (It’s been two months since I’ve moved in, and yet that still feels strange to write). But I can happily report that not only did I find the most adorable bookshop near my home, I also picked up some pretty cool finds. So, without further ado, here is my “to be read” pile for May.

  • THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU by Jonathan Tropper

    Okay, I will admit that when I saw this book on the shelf I silently whooped with joy. A year and a half ago I watched the film adaptation with Jason Bateman starring in it and absolutely fell in love. And ever since, I’ve been looking for this book to pick up and read. So when I saw it, I knew that this bookshop was going to be my go-to for now on.

The book is centered around a hilarious, witty, strange, and sometimes emotional family after they are reunited at their father’s funeral. Upon the event, they all decide to stay in their childhood home with their now-widowed mother. And if it’s anything like the film, it is raw, entertaining and overall fantastic!


    As I am currently writing this post, I am exactly 380 pages in so far and am absolutely loving it. It’s fictional mystery novel about a wise writer, his younger protege, and an over 30 year old case of a disappearing girl. From page one I have not been able to stop thinking about this book. I found myself staying up many late nights just to get further into the novel. Each time I read it, I find I appreciate and admire it more and more. It’s a stunning mystery that doesn’t feel rushed, which I like. The strands of evidence that unravel, the character development, the play of past and present tense, and the switching of perspectives make this novel better than most mystery-crime driven stories I have read thus far. And the fact that the book is woven with clues spread out as the small town tries to crack the case is even better. You don’t feel like you’re reading about them, you feel as if you are apart of the characters. I absolutely adore this book and would highly recommend it to everyone.


  • THE EYE IN THE DOOR by Pat Barker

    When first picking up this novel, I was a bit skeptical. It was an older, yellowing frayed copy and the cover looked both boring and creepy. But on the back, it had an author’s quote as he compared it to the works of Fitzgerald and Hemmingway, which peaked my interest. So I sat down for a few minutes in the store and read a few pages to see if it caught my eye. And let’s just say the first few pages are…. unexpectedly well-written, captivating, and raunchy. So of course, I picked it up to give it a read. This novel is a bit out there: it’s set in 1918 in Britain, it includes an overbearing government, a peculiar doctor, and talks about pacifists and homosexuals. So now it’s added to my book shelf.

  • THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED: 1959 by Fred Kaplan

Due to being raised in a small town with my grandparents, I have been a lover of vintage culture, older music, and the overall history of it all. When I stumbled across this book, I knew I had to pick it up. It includes scientific advancements of the time, the birth of pop art, indie films, Motown, thewar in Vietnam, and major celebrities. The book indulges in the fifties, what became of that generation, and how it effected the generations to come. I’m super excited to read all about this. 



And that just about wraps up my book list for May.

As always, thanks for reading.






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