As I grow older through the years, I have been trying to be more attentive to life and be more aware of the good things, appreciate the little details, and take more time to reflect on the time that has passed. This month, I have been thinking mostly about that as I struggle to overcome the obstacles in my way. So, in lieu of being more positive, here are some good things that I’m appreciating at this very moment (aside from the fact that my other half finally agreed to watch The Lizzie Mcguire Movie with me after I’ve asked a billion times. I may get older, but my love for old-school Disney Channel will forever live).


At first, when I told myself to put down my phone and live a little I barely took myself seriously. I think the first sign of me needing a break is when it was brought to my attention just how many times I got on my phone while out and about and just how much I didn’t hear when someone was talking to me. I think that was a definite wake up call. I definitely got tired of asking, “I’m sorry, what?” every time someone spoke. And believe me, they surely got tired of hearing it. But anyhow, I’ve been making conscious decisions to not be on my phone as much and while often times I do crack under pressure, I have been setting time to be phone-free and read or do activities without the screen and it’s been great. Seriously, try it some time.


When I first moved into our new home, I was suddenly bombarded with a to-do list and a to-buy list that was absolutely overwhelming to say the least. Nowadays, while there is still a ton to do, I am starting to feel cozy and comfortable in our little space. It feels like us. And I think that’s the most important part. Not the fact that we still need to add tile back-splash to the kitchen, buy a new sofa, or completely redo the bathroom, but more so that when we come home, we are happy. Our place is filled with furniture. And I’m beginning to see it all fit together nicely. And that’s a good feeling. Whenever I begin to think that my whole life is hectic and turned upside down, I remind myself that I have curtains and a stocked fridge. And then oddly, I feel much better as if I’m doing something sufficient with my life.


I’ve had such a relaxed couple of weeks! I told myself that I would take some time to de-stress due to work overwhelming me too much, and so I spent my evenings with my significant other and dog, eating good food, catching up on some Netflix, and overall taking my time to recuperate from the stress. And it’s been great! I feel refreshed and ready to take on this next week, getting back into my busy and productive routine. So let’s see how this next week goes!


Not much to say about this other than the fact that this book has definitely exceeded my expectations and got me interested in reading once again. I can’t seem to put it down. I love dedicating time each day to flicking through these pages. I can’t wait to finish it and move onto the next!


I’ve been switching it up from my typical breakfast foods and so far I’m loving it. Power smoothies with chia seeds, banana peanut butter oats, and vegetable stuffed eggs on avocado and toast. Yummmm.


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