Recently, I’ve been plant obsessed. And I don’t mean “oh let me buy a cactus and put it o my side table at night”. It’s more like “let me look at plants every time I go to a store and let me fill each room in my home with them” kind of obsession. It’s bad. Especially because I kinda sorta don’t know what I’m doing. But, alas, here we are. And here’s some plants I’ve picked up recently!


20160521_143335_HDR (1)

These little gems are actually going into my front garden, but for right now (as it’s pouring outside like a madman and has been this whole month) they’re lazily sitting in my screen porch until brighter days come along. But look how vibrant! Ooh la la.


This little guy is a new addition to my also new coffee table! He brings some extra life and good vibes to my small space. I definitely enjoy the idea of having plants around in the living room. I would suggest finding low-maintenance plants who don’t need an insane amount of sunshine to survive and start filling them in places that need a little bit of perking up. In this case, my coffee table was pretty much bare and I wanted it to be one of he focal points of my area. So I added a different-looking plant in a bright pot as a center piece.

I also suggest putting plants in your office if you do a lot of work at home. It completely adds a nice livelihood to your space and adds a sense of calm to a work station too. I don’t know why, but having plants on or around my desk makes me feel like I’ve got my life together, I’m more calm, and have an overall happier sense of being. Plants make me happy, okay. Don’t judge.


Take a peak at these little beauties on my entertainment stand! With all the natural light that comes through my living room’s huge windows, they’re lounging around by my record player. Now lets just hope the cats don’t get into these like the last batch.


And lastly, these two in my bedroom! Waking up and seeing these guys first thing in the morning makes me super happy for some reason. These plants send me good vibes. It’s definitely a must-have in my house to have plants in my bedroom. It’s soothing in a way, to wake up to something so beautiful and filled with good energy! If you want to feel more productive in the morning and want to wake up feeling a bit better, I would definitely suggest adding some green to your room. A little goes a long way!


Aaaaand, that’s it for the plant preview for this week! I’ll keep you updated on the front garden soon enough!


As always, thanks for reading.Β 






  1. I’m loving the tall one next to your guitar, it’s SOOOO nice. I’ve been wanting one for a while. Do you know what type it is?


      1. Yes, girl! I literally bought two, haha. One is in my bedroom and the other is in my office now. Whenever I’m at Ikea, I always venture off into the plant section for some budget-friendly plants to add to the ever growing collection!

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