From a drastic new ‘do, to Washington DC traffic. May had it all.

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  1. Ahhh I love your dog! And I just assumed your hair was always this short since we just discovered each other but I love it so much! I’m itching for a trim since I’m loving keeping my hair this short too 😊

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    1. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚ haha. Her name is Riley and she’s absolutely crazy, haha. And my hair was passed my collar bones, but it’s naturally curly so it shrinks up super short. And now it’s to my chin, but gets even shorter when curly. And it’s driving me insane! And short hair is so great for summer time! Do you plan on having a different cut, or getting yours trimmed?

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      1. I initially cut my hair pretty short almost a month and a half ago but it’s been growing so fast. I wanna keep the same cut (asymmetrical bob) but just chop off the new inch of growth or more that I’ve got πŸ™‚

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      2. That’s the same cut as mine! An asymmetrical Bob with layers. It’s such a nice hair cut, but it takes a bit to maintain especially when your hair is like mine and grows fast. I also got my fringe cut so they’re straight across my forehead instead of swept to the side like usual and it gave it a little more character and detail to the cut, which is nice, but I haven’t figured out how to style it the right way so I just sweep it to the side for now, haha.

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      3. Ahhh I used to have bangs for years but finally grew them out last year. I miss them because bangs are sooo chic but they’re a real hassle to deal w all the time. I have wavy/curly hair so I usually have to work w my hair a little bit now that it’s shorter compared to when it was longer and kinda did its own wavy thing without flipping a weird way. I used to just straighten my bangs and curl the straightener in to curl them inwards a bit and then would separate them a little w my fingers to get the look I was going for 😊

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