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Okay, let’s start off this list with a bang: this button up. I snagged it in the beginning of the month and have been in awe ever since. I’ve been looking out for the perfect white button up for ages but with no success. They were either too boxy, too thin, not the right length, or drowned me out and made my curvy frame look downright frumpy. However, this one does exactly what I want it to do: It’s longer, it’s over-sized, and it looks great with the sleeves messily rolled up while paired with some nude heels for a sophisticated-yet-casual style that I love oh so much. And if it couldn’t get any better: It’s originally from the men’s section of Nordstrom and I got it got for $3 at a thrift shop. Yup, I know. What a deal. 


Second on the list is the Morphe 35O Pallette that I have had for a while and love dearly. I’ve been loving adding orange hues to my eye makeup this month and it’s been so exciting finding new ways to make the same old routine a bit more unique. If you don’t have the palette, I would definitely suggest picking it up. It’s a reasonably priced arrangement of colors that are both buttery and pigmented. Plus and they have nearly every warm shade you could ever want, if you don’t mind the fact that it’s almost always sold out.


Nude heels. I have recently ventured into the world of heels and have been experimenting with what suits me. I have found a soft spot for these nude heels, and they are absolutely comfortable. It’s a nice easy way to spruce up an outfit, it goes with so much, and it’s a nice transition-into-spring color. These have definitely been a staple for me. Which is weird to say because I have never ever been a heel kind of girl. Ever. My coordination is slim to none. And I’m gonna be honest: at first, it was hard. Real hard. I didn’t know what I was doing. But I pulled through, ignored my failed attempts, stood up straight and wobbled (and limped) my way to the top.


I’ve been drinking a lot more tea this month than usual. I’m typically a coffee kind of gal, if I’m honest, and I have been for as long as I can remember. However, I wanted to venture into something a bit more lighter to have in the evenings when I’m wanting something warm, and picked up some light Irish Breakfast Tea. I’ve been liking it with a bit of almond milk or sometimes even honey.


And lastly, I’m going to list a song that I’ve been listening to on repeat at least once a day for the entire month. No exaggeration. This song sends me such good vibes and fills me with joy. When I hear it, I think of driving with the windows down in the summer, hanging out with friends, and swimming in the bay. I would also definitely suggest watching the music video made for it. It’s truly a work of art within itself. I honestly can’t decide if I like the song more or the video, it’s that good.


Please leave in the comments some things you have been loving this month! I would love to read some suggestions!

And as always, thanks for reading. 



    1. That’s so nice to hear, thank you! I’m always a little nervous about posting my photos since I’ve never excelled in it too much. But I’m definitely working my butt off to improve with the photos so it’s so nice to hear that you like them!

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      1. Also I love that button down! I wish I didn’t have such trouble finding some that fit well 😦 5eva struggling to find button downs that don’t make the weird hole shape in bust area 😭 thank you! I’ve been using a naked palette and will be holding off buying eyeshadow palettes until I finish at least half of the colors in that 🙄 which might be never hahah

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      2. Yes! I know exactly what you mean with the bust problem. It sucks when you find such an adorable shirt and that happens. The struggle is forever real. And all the power to you for staying strong and not buying anymore! I try to quit buying so many, especially when I know I probably have thirty of the same shades. It’s a problem, haha 😛

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  1. Nude heels will always look gorgeous on every single one of us, lovelies 😛 And im also a huge fan of tea…please try out T2 ! its amazing ^^ I have been so addicted and I think you will be madly in love too

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    1. I have never heard of T2! I’ll have to look up the brand. I’ve been trying out a bunch of tea brands and flavors recently and I’ve definitely found a love for Chai. I have no clue why, but it’s just such a nice thing to have in the evenings!

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