Hey friends! How amazing is this palette?!


open anna better

When I stopped by Sephora on Saturday and saw that this one was the only left in stock, I knew I had to pick it up and give it a try. And I’m absolutely loving it! I won’t pretend that I’m well versed with the brand, because I’m not. However, I’ve been trying to broaden my spectrum lately in the makeup world and have been interested in finding the perfect palette for summer time. And I’ve got to say, ya’ll, I think I have just found the one.

open ana better

From creamy shimmers to pigmented mattes, it has it all. But not only that: the color variations are just spectacular. I love the idea of having more wearable neutral tones with bright pops of summer colors.

swatches ana

I’m super excited about three shades in particular: Antique Bronze, a shimmery brown with pink and gold undertones, Venetian Red, a vibrant pink, and Realgar, a true-orange shade that is going to be great for all eye colors. These shades definitely sold me on the palette and is ultimately the reason I chose to pick it up as soon as I could.


And secondly, the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette!

closed becca good

The entire reason I had went to Sephora in the first place was this palette. Mostly because everywhere is sold out, online never has it, and the next time it’ll be in stock is towards the end of this week. But I’m inpatient, and was already near the mall, so I figured I’d give it a try. And they had one left. So I snagged that right up without a second guess.

open becca better

The shades are all amazing and are going to definitely be fantastic for summer. Personally, I’m super stoked about the middle blush color, Amaretto, because I’ve never really tried a color similar to this on my cheeks. So I’m excited to give it a try and see how it works. In addition, I’m not familiar with Jaclyn’s highlights whatsoever (I’m not proud to say that sentence, I’ll be honest. Because I’ve heard great things) so I’m looking forward to giving them a go aw well

swatches better

From top to bottom:

Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop, Pamplemousse, Amaretto, Rose Spritz.

open becca better 2


Stay tuned for a makeup look and a review using this palette soon!

In addition: I would love to hear what your favorite shades in the palettes are in the comments below!


And as always, thanks for reading! 






      1. Haha I bet you can’t wait! I really want to try a Becca highlighter but never been sure what shade to try as I can only get Becca online in the UK. Wish I could swatch the colours in store x

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      2. Oooh, that’s tough! However, both highlighters are light enough to suit pale skin, which is nice. I would suggest to take a look at what blush color and eyeshadow colors you typically go for day to day, and choose from there. Champagne Pop is a gold with a slight peachy tint to it, and Prosecco Pop is a more of a true light gold. For summer, with some bronzey colors and pinks, Prosseco Pop would be amazing!

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      3. I wasn’t sure if I needed lighter like moonstone. I’m quite pale haha. I know a lot of people love Champagne Pop as it seems to be a universal shade. Does it have much yellow tone to it? X

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’s definitely more of a peach gold than a yellow gold. But it’s not a dark gold. It’s sheer with gold and peach specks, I would say. It doesn’t make me look like I slapped a streak of gold paint on my face, thankfully! Haha I’m extremely pale in person (most foundations are too dark for me so I have to mix and match) and it worked just fine for me. However, I swatched Moonstone on in the store and it looked great on pale skin too. I like the gold bc it adds a bit of healthy looking glow to my face and is good for summer because of the warm tones. But I’m definitely picking up moonstone too bc white frosty highlighters look amazing on pale skin too!

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      5. They both sound amazing. I guess in summertime Champagne Pop is nice as it’s warmer. Moonstone might be a good winter shade. Oh yeah me too. Most foundations are too dark for me too x


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