WEEKEND REVIEW | markets, dog walks, and crystals

Hey lovelies! Today I’m gonna be showing you some snippets of things that I got up to this weekend, so let’s jump right in:

Friday evening, my partner and I went to see Conjouring 2 in theaters… and it was great. Definitely a film worth seeing if you’re interested into scarier films!

Then, Saturday morning we got up early, made a nice breakfast, and took a drive out to a random town and found a market with lots of goodies inside! While it was mostly food related, there were some amazing little venues set up for jewelry, hand crafted furniture, and a booth for crystals and minerals.

gems 2gems 3gems 4gems

I have been hearing a lot about crystals and minerals lately and have been interested in learning more about it all. So when I saw this booth, I definitely headed over and spent quite of bit of time there trying to decide what I wanted to get. But when I saw box filled individual bags in categories, I immediately picked up the “Recovery/Growth” package which came with five crystals/minerals.Β crystals 2

I plan on going back next weekend to pick up a few more, learn more about them, and do a whole post dedicated to it all. So be on a look out on that if you are interested!


In addition, I went to Burlington for a quick browse, as it was in a new town and I wanted to pass some time. There, I found these amazing pastel sunnies that I can see are definitely going to be a staple this summer. I also picked up a new pair of workout shoes, and two new palettes from Sephora!


And after shopping, we took a scenic route home and saw some spectacular green views!



Sunday morning, we got up early once again and headed out into the sunshine to take our dog Riley for a walk in the park. She had an absolute blast and it was really nice just to get out in nature, get away from technology, and spend time with Tyler and the pup.


Here she is taking a break on a pier, enjoying the sun, as we take in the beautiful view.


Afterwards we came home and went straight into re-arranging the office because it was getting way too cluttered!Β Office updates will be up soon enough, friends!

I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday.

And as always, thanks for watching!



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