GLOSSIER | newly purchased & first impression

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Hey friends! So a week or so ago I made a post about my wishlist for June (see it here) and stated that I was interested in trying some more products from the brand Glossier. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re a fantastic brand that heavily promotes skin care being a first priority, and they have some gnarly looking makeup products too.

So, I took the plunge and purchased some products to try out and I’m going to talk about them today!


mask best20160622_135034


Before we dive into the products: can we take a minute for this packaging?! Both products laid safely in a cute pink bubble-wrap bag with a zipper, and an order of sassy stickers to pair with it. I’m in love!

But, that aside: The first product I purchased was the Moisturizing Moon Mask. All the reviews I’ve seen about this product have said that it’s fantastic, a light weight consistency, and rapidly works to hydrate your skin. The texture is rather thin, thinner than I had anticipated. But the bottle says to “apply a thick layer to moist skin and let it soak for 20 minutes”. This week I wasn’t feeling particularly great, so I took a nice warm bath with this mask on. I just left mine on to soak into my skin, instead of taking it off, and it worked really well! My skin felt fabulous afterwards and definitely more hydrated. And I’m so happy to have a new mask to add to my skin care routine! I definitely want to try their other skin care products now. Obsessed.



The second thing I picked up to try was their Boy Brow. I picked mine up in Blond due to the fact that I wanted to use this product on minimal/no make up days and my natural eyebrow color is a very light red-ish blond. It almost exactly matches my natural brow color, but adds a special something to my look to make it that much more put together. This is going to be great when I’m going to be laying by the beach, running errands, or having a casual light makeup day at my office job. Its a liquid consistency, but dries almost immediately and keeps your brows in place all day long. Which I did not expect whatsoever, I thought it would just make my eyebrows a little tinted. So when I combed my eyebrow hairs up into the shape I wanted them to be, and noticed a few minutes later that it dried in that exact same position, I was absolutely delighted!  I’m now interested in trying the darker shade and see how that goes!

And as always, thanks for reading!




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