HOW TO FAKE LOOKING AWAKE | five minute minimal makeup


Hey, lovelies! So there has definitely been some mornings where I have about 15 minutes to get ready, do my makeup, take my dog out and slap on some makeup to look somewhat presentable in a business setting. Of course, that’s not to say that you have to wear makeup to look presentable, but I look like a dull zombie when I first wake up. So it’s definitely preferred.

But I figured that a lot of people might be in the need of a quick makeup look for school, errands, day to day life, or when you can’t be fussed with a full-glam 40 minute routine before work. And if you’re one of those people, then keep on reading. Because I’m going to give you my tips and tricks to do your makeup as quick and easy as possible.


Stick to concealer and a beauty blender. Even though it would be nice to slather a lovely dewy foundation on my face, bake to the Gods, and drench my face in a cooling Setting Spray, this is not the time. So I typically conceal under my eyes and my eyelids as lightly as possible, a little on any redness (For me, it’s around my nose, mouth, and a certain areas on my cheeks). I apply it with a damp beauty blender because not only is it quick and easy, it will really help to make you look less like you have pale dots on your face when it’s done. Beauty Blenders make everything look seamless. They’re great. If you want a bit more coverage, then BB Creams or Tinted Moisturizers are the way to go as well! Also another quick tip: a good moisturizer goes a long way! It will make your skin more hydrated, which in result gives you the help of looking more radiant!

mascara I completely forget about eyeliner because it takes me a while to fully perfect it, but if you can make your eyeliner look snatched in under a minute than all the power to you, girl. Otherwise, I suggest going in with your favorite mascara that adds both volume and length to make your eyes look as awake as possible. I firmly believe a good mascara totally transforms any minimal makeup look!

bronzer  If I have a bit more time, I like to add a little contour. Otherwise, I’ll go in with a light bronzer just to warm up my face and add a little something special to my cheeks. For pale skin, I suggest using Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer or Physician Formula’s Butter Bronzer.

lips I always go in with a light pink lipstick as close to my lip shade as possible. I also really like tinted balms as well, especially if you don’t want the hassle of looking after it throughout the day. With a balm you can just chuck it on and forget about it! I heard Glossier happen to do some great ones at a reasonable price. Also, a long-wearing liquid lipstick is great too!

browsPull it all together by running a tinted brow gel through to make them a bit more defined, and to ensure they will stay in place throughout the day. I personally use Glossier’s Boy Brow. However, I’ve heard great things about Benefit’s new brow line and am in the market for some new brow products so I’m definitely going to be purchasing them soon and giving them a review! I personally like to first shape my brows how I want them with a spooly, run a tinted brow gel through them, and go in with a eyebrow powder or pencil to lightly fill in any gaps that need a little help.


What are some of your favorite products to use for your minimal makeup routine? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, thanks for reading!





  1. The blush (or bronzer) in your picture looks like a brain lol! Great tips! I like to throw on a brighter lip color to try make it look like I went minimal everywhere else on purpose (which may or may not actually work) Great post!

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    1. OMG you’re so right! It does! And now I can’t un-see it, haha. Forever will see it as a brain 😛 Actually, a brighter lip totally does work too! If I don’t mind fussing around throughout the day to make sure it’s not all over my face or wearing off, I totally like to rock a bright lip! (btw, have you tried Morphe’s new liquid lipsticks? bc OMG they last so long throughout the day and are such good quality for the price! So many bright colors!)

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