SUNNY SIDE UP | small things I do to have a better day


It can be really tough at times to get out of a bad mood, push past anxiety, or push past a bad day long enough to get on with things that you need to do that day. Whether you’re dealing with a mental illness, or you’re just simply not having a good week, there are things everyone can do to feel a bit better in those moments of despair. And today I wanted to list some things that personally help me feel better when I’m down.

However, I will say two things: I’m not a doctor, so I cannot give suggestions about mental illness. If you are concerned about your health, please seek someone you trust and a medical professional. And two: I read earlier this week on Rachel Whitehurst’s twitter something along the line of, “Telling a depressed person to choose happiness is like telling a person with asthma to just breathe”.Β And I believe it. And that is by no means a message I’m trying to convey.

With that being said, I know it’s easier said that done to feel better when you’re down. And I am by no means telling anyone that it’s simple. What I am doing is sharing a bit more of a personal post about myself, what I love, and what makes me happy for those of you who need a pick-me-up and are at lost for what to try.

Let’s get started, shall we?

01. I stay away from caffeine. I love coffee and tea, but it is probably one of the last things I should be drinking when I’m anxious or having a rough time.

02. Playlists! Whether I’m listening to them or making them, they’re a wonderful distraction.

03. Books! Coloring books, reading, whatever it may be. I love to disconnect from technology and take some time to distract my mind from negativity and overthinking.

04. Learn a new recipe. Cooking takes my mind off of things, and it’s really fun. Especially baking! So I love to find recipes to try when I have a bit of time on my hands.

05. Exercise. It can be really hard to get myself up and moving, but I have definitely noticed that if I do, I feel a ton better afterwards.

06. Play with my pets! I have two precious kittens and a pup, and they’re all fabulous and playful. They never fail to put a smile on my face.

07. Make lists. Me feeling down always makes me stressed out. Whether it’s because I’ve procrastinated something, I’m unhappy with how something in my life is going, or I feel stuck, I’m stressed every time. Β Making lists of things to get done, things that are positive, anything. They always help me clear my mind and develop a plan.

08. I have had a passion for writing my entire life. Whether it be for poems, music, stories, or random thoughts, I love to write. And now that I have a blog, it’s nice addition to my passion. I always tend to write something, anything, if I’m upset

09. Watch some classic film or shows I love. I love revisiting some goodies when I have some down time and can’t be bothered with being productive. I’m definitely one of those people that will watch movies over and over again. But I love discovering new ones as well! It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do when I’m upset. Feel free to leave some of your favorites in the comment section, I would love to hear some new suggestions!

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are upset or having a bad day? How do you get rid of your negative thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, thanks for reading





  1. I second all of these! Esp the no caffeine. I’m a very anxious person and caffeine can sometimes be the thing that sends me over the edge when I’m feeling bad. I also love doing my makeup when I’m in a bad/sad mood. I usually don’t want the world to see me when I don’t feel great but makeup and looking nice always makes me feel a little better. 😊 also curling up w a good book and pup after an awful day always make me feel better. On a side note, I love the positivity that you put into your blog 😊 it’s rele nice to read and be able to reference later on when I need a pick me up


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