Brows: we all have ’em. And no matter the shape, color, or size, it’s always lovely to have a nice brow routine that can transform your look to a whole new level. I firmly believe that if your brows look good and your highlight is poppin’, you can conquer anything your day throws at you.

So today I’m going to be talking all about my bullet-proof brows. I know that when I put these on that they’re going to stay sharp all day long, compliment a full face of makeup, and allow me to slay my day.

With that being said, let’s get fleeky.

brow routine 4


Whether I’m going for a tame or a full-on glam brow, it doesn’t matter. I always comb through my brows to place them in the shape that I like. I like to use my ABH Brow wiz comb to do this because it’s quick, easy, and accessible. I like to fluff my hairs up and then comb them which ever way makes them look more full, shapely, and defined. Play around with it. Find your groove. Don’t be shy. You got this.


After I get them in the desired shape, I then line the bottom and top of my entire brow with my ABH Brow Wiz. You can make your brow as thick or thin as you would like on this step. I make sure to go lighter on the inner brow, and apply more pressure on the outer brow to create that “natural” gradient effect. After this, I enhance the tail of the brow and shade in most of my brow. I leave the front hairs blank however, to avoid making it look too harsh. I then comb through my brows once again with a spooly.



After I got the basic shape, I then take a cream brow product (As you guessed: I use Benefit’s Ka-Brow) and I basically do the same thing. I sharpen up the outline of the brow, again not touching the front. After my outline is sharp, I use what is left of the product to fill in my brows. This step is essential to get your desired shape and color. After all that is done, I then run the little bit of product I have left on the brush through the front of the brow to help add some pigment and dimension. After you’re done, comb through again. And don’t get discouraged if they look a little crazy at this step. You’re not done yet!


Some may think it’s unnecessary, but I really like to set my brows at this point with a tinted or clear brow gel. My favorite to use is, of course, Glossier’s Boy Brow. I run it through mostly at the front to help define the hairs, make it more pigmented, add dimension, and to allow it the overall look to be less dry and chalky.

brow routine 3


Sometimes at this point I’m not super happy with the gradient, blending, etc. of the look and if that’s the case I take a light shadow that matches my brow color and use it to add a little more somethin’ to the look! It definitely helps bring it all together.


Now it’s for the final step… dun dun dunnn. Sharpen it all up! Take your favorite concealer that matches your skin and outline your new perfect brows for a more chiseled look. I like to blend it out a bit after and add a little translucent powder to set.

And there you have it! Now you can take on the world!


(here’s a quick little look at my brows when they’re complete! Also: would anyone like to see how I get this look? it’s my go-to every day makeup!)

Do you prefer more natural or bold brows? What is your favorite go-to brow product? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, thanks for reading!



      1. No I daren’t …..I don’t understand it all ….I walk into superdrug and am bambozzled with all the products ….that’s why I reckon I NEED your blog ……ok I’m …er hem ( coughs) ….a little older than yourself :D:D:D …..but your never too old to take care of yourself right?
        By the way …which country are you in?


    1. Thank you so much, lovely πŸ™‚ I definitely plan on doing a makeup look on it this week. I’m wondering if I should make it into a step-by-step picture guide, or maybe post a chatty video explaining it all. As a reader, what would you prefer?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For me , I prefer step by step picture guides. It’s way simpler – and I can easily refer to all of the steps instead of trying to rewind and fast forward . But I’m sure that whatever you do will be great! πŸ™‚


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