SUNNY SIDE UP | what to do when your days feel a bit hectic or messy


Good morning all and happy Sunday to you! This morning I am writing this post as my cat purrs in my lap happily. I’m munching on a healthy peanut buttery breakfast, yet haven’t had my morning cup of coffee or water yet. I should definitely get on that, though. Tyler and I plan on going on a nice bike ride this morning to the same place we went last weekend, as it was absolutely stunning and peaceful. I’m really looking forward to getting out in the fresh air, de-stressing, and spending some time relaxing. It’s going to be great! I imagine there will be some nice instagram shots up after it all so don’t forget to go over and see what I’m up to.Β 

This week I have been feeling completely overwhelmed by responsibilities, work, and just general every day things. So much so that I abandoned all my duties, felt uninspired, and a little lost. I had no energy to do anything from getting up for work, completing chores, going out, or even writing for my blog.

And thus, I was left procrastinating my work, not getting anything done, and getting completely unorganized by the moment.

We’ve all had those days/weeks/months where we can’t seem to find the strength to get anything done properly.

But next time you feel like you’re out of control, can’t seem to get a grip on reality, or need a little bit of a pep talk to finish off a busy week, keep some of these tips in mind:

hectic life 2


Perhaps you’re a list person, or perhaps that making lists doesn’t hold you as accountable as you like. Maybe you want to try to make your own calendar/agenda from scratch. Try a new journal writing process (like bullet journal, perhaps). Or maybe you just don’t like using your planner and are in the market for something more fun, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. Either way, it’s important to find what works best for you. I’m in the market for a new planner to use for both work, blogging, and miscellaneous things and have been trying to find what exactly I want out of my new investment, and here’s what I personally am looking for: Something bright and happy, interactive, artwork, quotes, or stickers throughout, something big and practical to fit my hectic life, and something that is easy to get creative with. This and this are currently on my wishlist so far.


It’s just as important to get work done as it is to take some time to yourself. Maybe you are bored of your routine and need to try something new, maybe you want to look into picking up some good habits, or maybe you would like to read a new book to help you disconnect from everything for a bit. Either way, it’s always nice to discover something fun to help relax. This week I have been loving watching Stranger Things on Netflix, finishing up my current novel: This Is Where I Leave You, and going on nature walks to help get away from everyday life and get my blood pumping.


I spend a lot of time at desks between my full time job and blogging. And I’ve noticed that if my desk is super crazy, I don’t feel at all ready to work. So this week I took time out of my day to organize my desk at work, create a more efficient scheduleΒ to fit me, and even made a new schedule to get things done efficiently. At home, I purchased a new book shelf to store some of my favorite pieces. I’m also looking into getting some great art pieces to hang on my wall and keep myself feeling inspired. I plan on getting this, this, and this from society6 soon! I’m also planning to get some new stationary, and plan on doing an office/desk tour with all my newly purchased items included. So look out for that!


I know it sounds strange to include this point on this post, but I forget to drink water throughout the day and I’ve been noticing that it truly has been effecting my body, how I feel, and my energy levels. Especially when I drink a lot of coffee/tea and not enough water to balance that out. Staying hydrated is definitely important for loads of reasons. So please drink water when you can! They have creative and fun water bottles to help you get in the habit, and even some helpful apps to get you going as well. Find what works for you!

What are some key things you like to do to get yourself back on track when life is crazy? Let me know in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading!



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