SUNNY SIDE UP | things I’m loving right now

things im loving 2

I figured I would do something a little different with you today and just share some things I’ve been loving this week!

01. Sam’s post that talks all about Oprah’s advice for twenty somethings  is absolutely fab.

Sam’s blog in general is a must-read, in all actuality. I love her writing style. Go take a look here! You won’t be disappointed. It’s a super helpful and witty guide for anyone struggling to adult.

02. I rescued a kitten!

His name is Dylan, and he’s only a few weeks old. He can’t really walk much, we’re all still trying to get some answers as to why. But he comes to work with my everyday and sleeps in my arms all day. He’s just as attached to me as I am to him. Right this moment he is curled up in my lap sleeping after his bath. If anyone has some helpful tips to get a cat to use the litter box that would be great. Dylan’s not quite grasping the concept yet.

03. Long over-sized cardigans.

Not really a summer item, but I picked up the coziest knit cardigan ever for work and I’ve been literally living in it this past week. It’s probably not the most flattering thing to wear, but I’m cozy so that will absolutely not stop me. Any ideas where to pick up more soft cardigans/sweaters? Please let me know!

04. This blog. It’s amazing.

I’ve been binge-reading for a month now. Check it out! She writes about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, health… Basically everything you could want to read about.

05. Walks/bike rides in nature!

It’s becoming a tradition for Tyler & I to spend our Sunday mornings out somewhere in a park, away from technology, and enjoying the fresh air. I look forward to it every weekend. It’s honestly the most relaxed I have been in so long.

And as always, thanks for reading!




  1. Hey Kimberly!

    Thanks so much for sharing my post and for your kind words about my blog – I really appreciate it and I’m so glad to know you found it helpful! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Sam! Absolutely! I’m currently loving your blog – and your email subscription posts. (I loved today’s email, by the way) I’ve actually been reading through so many of your posts today so it’s such a lovely coincidence to see your message!

      Liked by 1 person

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