SUNNY SIDE UP | how to change your life by changing your day

the light that peaks beneath


Routines are comforting. They are structured, a representation of who we are and what we love to do, and what we hate but tend to spend a little too much time on. Sometimes it gets difficult to be excited over a routine, it can feel as if we are living in a continuous loop.

Sometimes routines take ahold of us, put our minds on cruise control, and we sit back as we get from Point A to Point B, as the world passes us by, moments fleeting from our hands before we have time to grasp them. Before the thought had even danced on the tip of your mind, time has floated along and fleeted elsewhere. And you’re stuck with the remnants, feeling as if you’re missing something, anything, but you just don’t know what…

We all get that sort of feeling in the pit of our bellies, as if we are in the back seat as the world is passing us by.

And in those moments there is truly one thing you can do that so many disregard or overlook:

You must simply change an aspect about your day. Focus on one bit, one small piece of your day, that is completely malleable in any way. This one variation will in fact, be the domino effect for your very existence. It starts off with the number one.

It may just be that you take a different route to work, that you try a new place to get your coffee, that you actually speak to the taxi driver as opposed to sit in silence on your phone, you could wake up a bit earlier to actually make yourself a nice breakfast, join a new fitness class instead of choosing the same fitness routine day in and day out.

Regardless of the choice you make, it’s essential to live in variation from time to time. And you may just find that this one change could alter the course of your existence in just a moment. It’s the light that peaks beneath, guiding your way.

And after all, if moments are fleeting, wouldn’t you choose to be present during it all?

And as always, thanks for reading.



    1. Thank you so much! I was a bit worried to post this sort of writing style, but it was really fun branching out from my blogging norm! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, because it was so fun to write and I really would love to do more this way!


  1. Totally agree with this – I wrote recently about adding ‘happiness breaks’ into your mundane routine! It’s the only way to improve a boring routine πŸ™‚


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