Hey friends! I recently purchased Nikkie Tutorials’s Power of Makeup palette in collaboration with Too Faced (by recently, I mean, I purchased on the day it came out. At work. I had it loaded an hour ahead of time to make sure I got one. No shame) and waited a little bit so I could play around with it, gather an honest review, and know more about the products themselves.

If you don’t know much about Nikkie, she is a beauty guru on Youtube (with nearly 5 million subscribers) and a makeup artist who’s done makeup on models for several magazines including Marie Claire, Linda, Talkies, and Fashionista. You can read more about her on her website.

I’ve been watching her for years now, and she has become a huge inspiration to me and my makeup. I have been focusing on adding more color and expirementation into my makeup looks in hopes that I will grow my skill set and eventually become a freelance artist. So it’s incredibly inspiring and helpful to watch her videos and see her be so successful. If you haven’t watched her videos orlooked at her portfolio, definitely take a gander at her work. But wait ’til after my review, of course! 


01. eyeshadows

p 3eyes

I’m going to be completely honest: when I first swatched the shadows on the back of my hand, I was totally scared that I had just blew my money on a hyped product that wasn’t worth it. They seemed a bit chalky, not a lot of pigment pay off, and just overall not worth the money. And then the next day, I took some time to play with the shadows (all of them, might I add) and my mindset changed.

I love the color shades Nikkie chose, in particular: Painkiller, Makeup & Chill, Mystic Hour, and Wham Bam. I think they are so versatile yet still make a cohesive palette. I love that it compliments everyone, no matter your skin tone or makeup preferences. There’s something in here for everyone.

I will say that I’m not a big fan of the shade Ivy, it doesn’t really have much pigmentation whatsoever, although I know Nikkie wanted this shade to be a subtle matte, but it’s not my favorite white shade to use. It doesn’t really show up on my skin. However, it’s really good for setting my overall eyelid area before I go in with my actual eyeshadow colors. It helps everything blend way more smoothly, which is definitely a plus.


02. face products

p 2

The palette includes two blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter. And I absolutely adore the fact that it’s all in one convenient, small packaging! Not only is it so easy to use, it’s also great for traveling. You could seriously just chuck this on your bag and be good to go for your whole trip. And I love that concept!

The bronzer is probably my favorite face product in here – but that’s probably not a surprise to you considering everyone has been raving about the Chocolate Soleil bronzer for a while now. Whether you’re paler than me or significantly darker, this bronzer will look great on your skin. And it’s not that often that you get a bronzer that does that!

The blush shades are absolutely stunning, and are great for a beautiful flush of color on your cheeks. They aren’t completely matte, however on the cheeks there is no overpowering glitter – or any glitter at all for that matter. It becomes a lovely luminescent sheen once applied to the cheeks.

As for the hightlighter, I’m not a fan. Which is really upsetting because I was so excited to see what highlighter she would choose. I mean, after all, the woman is a glowing goddess! I love a nice beaming glow, and prefer my highlighter a bit strong. This one was a bit modest, light, and pretty much melted into my already-pale skin. If you love a subtle glow, I think you will prefer this product more than I do. And while I’m going to pass on it for my full glam days, I definitely am looking forward to using it on my “no makeup” days or when I’m looking for a more natural looking highlight on my cheekbones.

03. the extras

I’m really impressed by the bonus goodies that come with Nikkie’s palette! I couldn’t be more happy with the Sketch Marker, if I’m honest. It’s my first high-end liquid eyeliner (My usual ride or die is by elf. I mean, it’s a dollar and lasts all day… amazing). But, this one was absolutely wonderful to work with. Too Faced has a whole range of crazy shades sold sepreately, and I seriously want them all. They’re fabulous and so easy to apply! If you have the opportunity, give it a swatch and see just how precise and pigmented it is. You won’t regret it.

The purple mascara is a hit in my book. This baddie is so fun and different, and I have been loving the idea of sprucing up my makeup with some purple on my lower lash line. It also just makes me smile that Nikkie included it, because I know it’s her favorite shade. It just makes makes me smile every time I see it!

The glitter pigment is so wonderful to use, but I really don’t like how the product is loose. It’s pretty messy to use, if I’m honest. You have to be careful not to open it to roughly or knock it over, because your whole lap will be dowsed in pixie dust. But once you get over the fear of dropping a life time supply of glitter, it’s so fun to use on the lids for an extra pop of something special. I especially love it over Wham Bam. Something about that combination is so glamorous and lovely that I can’t get enough!

allall 2
extras 3





    1. I have yet to try the normal black one, so I have no clue if it’s just as great! But I love the purple. I plan to pick the black shade of mascara up soon, I’ll give it a mention on here so you can get my full thoughts on it! 🙂 do you have any mascaras you’re loving right now? I really want to try some new brands!


    1. I am loving it so far! I really want to give the normal black one a go to see if it’s just as good, but honestly I’m a big fan of the purple. Right now I’m gravitating towards my Maybelline Lash Sensational the most, and Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes as well! If you have any mascara recommendations to try, I would love to know! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you love it just as much as I do! haha. It’s so affordable, and just so good. It makes it so easy to just flick it on and get out the door, and the waterproof version stays put all day. It’s fab!


    1. Right?! She’s literally a highlight queen. I never expected it to be soft and less pigmented. It’s a lovely highlighter, honestly, I enjoy it. But I was expecting pigmentation like Artist Couture’s, you know? Have you tried any of their highlighters yet? If not, they’re a must-have if you like a lot of shine. They’re definitely my favorite highlighters to wear right now if I’m honest!

      Liked by 1 person

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