SUNNY SIDE UP | a peace of mind


I feel like all of August my life was sort of in a transition-period. I wasn’t sticking to my normal routine, I was working on a lot of things like being more healthy, my mental health, taking time to relax, and trying to think about what my next move is as far as my job and my goals. August was a whirlwind of stress, long nights, and confusion.

And by the end of it, I realized that I’m officially moving on to a new chapter in my life. I’m slowly progressing with my health, little by little. It’s a strange feeling, being in between to people. You’re no longer who you were before, but you’ve also not quite formed into the person who you’re becoming. It’s strange, how malleable we all are. How each day the decisions we make are shaping us, changing us, moving us towards a direction we shall never foresee. I’m happy. I’m frightened. I’m excited. I’m focusing on enjoying all the smallest bits along the way.

With that being said: I wanted to post something helpful, something productive, something with lovely pictures and a great message. But I’m going to be honest with you all: today hasn’t been a good day. No matter what I tried writing, it hasn’t really flowed well. So today I’m going to show you all some songs that I’ve been loving recently.

Blog posts will presume as usual throughout this week; but for today, I’m going to just leave you with something more simple.


Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re happy. I hope you know how exceptionally bright you are. 


And as always, thanks for reading!



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