SUNNY SIDE UP | the best speeches to help get you motivated & find your passions



Sometimes when I need to get some things done, when I can’t really focus, when my mind feels a bit fuzzy, I have to take a break from my work. Usually at this time I will take a quick walk around my home, grab some water and a snack, and generally just remove myself both mentally and physically from my little cubicle. And other times, even that’s just not quite enough to get me back into the swing of things.

On those days, I really like to spend a few moments to block my mind from the looming lackadaisical thoughts. Typically, the easiest way to find inspiration (and get lost, for that matter) would be to scroll through some pinterest boards and bloglovin’ pages. And if that’s your thing, well, fantastic. It helps me too.

But what I have found to be the quickest and most efficient ways to gain inspiration for a plethora of tasks: whether it be school work, going for a workout, beginning a new hobby, or blogging, is to listen to motivational audios/videos. And today, I want to count down to some of my favorite ones.

01. J.K. Rowling On: Hardships & Success

I will be honest: I didn’t truly hear this one until Samantha from Smart Twenties mentioned it in a live workshop, and I am so glad she did. It’s fantastic. Rowling is fantastic, deeply honest, and even humorous at times during this and it has been helping me find my way this week. So if you were like me, and were completely in the dark about this speech, let me brighten your day a little with this link. You’re welcome in advance. (Hint: my favorite part begins at 7:30).

02. Defeat 

When you feel as if you’ve fallen and can’t get back up, watch this video.

03. Procrastination 

“The first step is “stop talking about it“. The second step is “just take one step towards it“. 

04. Larry Smith On: failing, excuses, & Great Careers 

This was in fact my first ever “Ted Talks” audio I had ever listened to. And it’s still one that gives me chills and makes me smile whenever I hear it. In retrospect, I know this one rings so close to me because I’ve always been a driven perfectionist. I have the passion, I have the goals, I have the mindset, but I let the idea of imperfection strike me out. I make excuses on why I should not do something. I wait for the perfect time. But you see, there is no other perfect time. And this is simply why I never accomplish as much as I would like. And listening to this never fails to help kick me into a motivational frenzy. So if you make excuses or just feel a tad stagnant currently, this one’s for you.

05. Focusing & Doing the Work 

All about focusing on the importance of prioritizing and discipline. 

06. Dreams 

This will help stop you from feeling discouraged when you are not where you want to be.

07. Jim Carrey On: Doing What You Love  

I’ve linked the entire speech, which fantastic and witty and just undoubtfully wonderful. But if you click here, it will take you to a YouTube motivational montage of some highlights from the speech. In the full speech, he touches the topic of his early life – including his father’s choices and how it effected his happiness, some realizations Mr. Carrey had later on in life, and how he simply chose a passion that allows him to “get out into the world and do something bigger than (my)self” in order to find the utmost happiest he could be. As a bonus, this is another great/motivational youtube video that provokes thoughts on finding your passions and path (+ includes Jim Carrey).

08. Changing & Creating a New Start

This video will help you on a new journey. No matter what don’t stop evolving, transforming, growing.



What are some of your favorite ways to get motivated? Do you have any motivational speeches that you keep going back to in times of need? Let me know in the comments! 

And as always, stay bright!



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