Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Review



As a fellow big-cheeked gal, I can definitely appreciate a good contour product. And believe me when I say finding some a shade that isn’t too dark, nor too orange, and works with dry skin types is quite difficult at times.

I haven’t really ventured into the realm of cream contour before I purchase ABH foundation sticks recently. And while it takes time to really get a grip on the application, it honestly worth it in the end. A cream contour looks absolutely fabulous. (And, might I add, this one seems to stay put all day. Which is a miracle I have never seen done on my face before).



Once I hard Anastasia Beverly Hills was coming out with a new foundation line, I got super excited. And then I found out that they were better suited for those with oily to combination skin, since the formula didn’t sit well over dry patches.

And the sadness immediately suck in.

But then I heard that they came out with a few contour shade colors and I quickly snagged one up for the try. And let it just go on record that I am so happy I did.

I will be honest, though: if you’re new to the cream contour world like I am, it may take few tries to really figure out your favorite application process that works for you. I found the best way for me to personally apply was with a sponge (I use the real techniques sponge, but I imagine a beauty blender would work well if you’re fancy like that).

So far, I’ve surprisingly found that it’s easier to blend the thick consistency with a beauty blender over a brush, but both are fabulous depending on the look you’re going for.



Quick Tip: If you can’t seem to move the product, try spritzing some setting spray on your beauty blender to help the process along. 

Also, it’s definitely honorable to mention that if you cream contour and highlight as usual and then apply your favorite foundation on top, it gives a lovely naturally-sculpted look for the more subtle people out there. (I like pair this product with Makeup forever HD Foundation because it has less coverage and won’t make the overall look seem caked on and thick). 

Have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation/contour products? What are some of your favorite tips on applying cream contour? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, thanks for reading!







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