I know what you’re thinking. “Kimberly, do you really need five lipsticks in your bag – three of which are the same shade?” And let me be the first to say no, I really don’t need that many. But let me also be the first to say that I have a horrible track record of tossing lipsticks (and, as you can see, sunglasses) into abyss  bag and then forgetting all about it. And I wanted to give you an accurate representation of what my bag typically looks like on a daily basis – whether I’m going out for coffee, running errands, or going to work.

I’m pretty much a low key hoarder. And not in the cute “I’m a crazy bag lady *bats lashes and flicks hair*” kind of way, but more so the type that has a cluster-fuck of receipts, tangled head phones, and tons of loose papers with blog ideas thrown at the bottom. But I’ll spare you that sight – this is a beauty blog, not a tragic example of someone your parents would point at and whisper, “Don’t be like them. Save your money.” And they’re right, you know. Don’t be like me. Save your money.


smash box – babe alert
pixi – honeybare  
kat von d – lolita ii 
maybelline – electric orange
maybelline – vivid rose 




    1. How exciting! congratulations on the relaunch, I’m super excited for you! I just subscribed to your email list on your new site. 😀 (Side Note: I would love love to see a post all about your self hosting journey, or see any tips you may have for bloggers interested in self hosting!)

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