Hello, friends! Thank you for all your kind words from my last post – I am feeling much much better, which as absolutely amazing to say. Ear infections are absolutely painful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, ever.

But I’m back! And I’m feeling great! Woohoo!

I always try to keep my blog correlating to my personal life – not necessarily in the “dear diary” type of way, but more so if I’m dealing with something I like to take the lessons I’ve learned and throw them out into the universe for others to have as a reference point.

And now that I’m back from a two week bed rest, I am realizing just how much I need to get myself ready to get into the groove of things again. Because, wow. Two weeks of being stagnant and binge-watching crappy tv shows really got to the best of me.

So here’s how I’m spending my Sunday:

Putting on some great music.

Nothing makes me feel better than when I have a great soundtrack to listen to. If you missed it, I made an October Playlist post featuring a ton of songs I’ve been loving recently (If you like, follow my account because I do a playlist for each month!)

It’s all about the details.

I’m a huge lover of pampering now and again, especially when I’ve been a little more stressed out. But not only do I want to make today relaxing, I also want to tend to the things I didn’t necessarily do throughout the week. Here’s some things I like to do:

01. Go for a nice walk

02. Meal Prepping will allow you to make more conscious decisions throughout the week.

03. Make something declicious! (banana bread, pumpkin bread, or zucchini brownies, perhaps?)  Bonus: Have it with some amazing tea

04. If you want to stay away from a lush bath bomb, try putting some epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil into your bath. It will relax your muscles and put you to sleep. And if you’re a fan of reading, take a look at my October TBR post for some new suggestions!

05. Take time for a nice mask! I love to put a sheet mask on and then follow it up with a nice hydrating gel mask afterwards. (if you’re feeling fancy, try some serums too!). Hair masks are perfect if you’re feeling a little more dry than usual.

06. Make a diy body/lip scrub. Here are some ones I’ve found on pinterest that look amazing:

I’m going to be making one with the following ingredients: oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, & almond oil.

+ tip: Make sure you moisturize really well afterwards!

07. Paint your nails! Something so simple could really make you feel a bit better about yourself.

08. Plan your week’s outfits. Sometimes it works for you. Sometimes it doesn’t. But give it a try!

09. Do some relaxing yoga (I love Yoga with Adrienne videos)

10. Clean your home. Whether you organize your desk, have a wardrobe clear out, or tend to the dishes, cleaning your home / workspace is always a good way to ensure a clear mind.

11. Before bed, try some essential oils in a diffuser to have an even more relaxing atmosphere. (+ tip: I heard lavender is amazing for helping you sleep better, and peppermint is great for anxiety).





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