I’ll be the first one to admit that my track record with foundations is pretty bumpy. Growing up, I had no idea that you had to buy foundations according to skin type, I didn’t know how to properly match my skin tones, ‘baking’ was simply something you did with treats, and setting sprays were nonexistent.

It was rough, let me tell you.

But after tons of research, trial and error, and getting to know my skin, I have really built a core collection of products that I know will always look lovely.

A foundation, if you will. 

Okay, all cheesy jokes aside, today I wanted to talk to you about some base products that I just can’t get enough of right now (+definitely suggest for dry skin).


01. make up for ever – ultra hd foundation

This is amazing. It’s nowhere near full coverage, which is something I didn’t expect (and should have probably did more research on beforehand). It’s light weight but buildable. It’s easy to blend. It looks fabulous being applied with a sponge, of course.

And truthfully, the texture is great. It’s not too thick or watery, it doesn’t feel greasy. It skips over my dry patches and really stays in place all day long.

I’ve been wearing it for month or so now, and it’s fantastic. Definitely a must-try for autumn in my book!


02. hourglass – ambient lighting powder

This face powder and the ultra hd foundation are the dream team. Hourglass made perfection when they crafted this lovely face powder. Again, it’s not too heavy. It flawlessly sets your base and adds luminosity without being glittery. It’s always a life saver, especially on days where my skin feels dull and colorless.

I love swirling a bit on a buffing brush and patting it on my t zone and cheeks for a bit of dimension!

+ tip: If you like a base that lasts all day, I first apply a dusting of ambient lighting powder to my face and then follow it by baking my under eyes and jawline with a translucent powder, so I get both the desired luminosity  and the lasting time.


03. make up forever – mist & fix

To me, my look isn’t complete unless I’m covered in setting spray after it’s all said and done. It’s essential for making your face look that much more flawless, not to mention it will ensure all your hard work will last all day long. Nothing is worse than having all of your makeup slide off your face in a matter of hours.

Make Up For Ever’s setting spray is definitely one of my favorites. It’s cooling, it’s light weight, it dries quickly, and it doesn’t have an overpowering scent for those of you who are sensitive.

I know personally, during the colder months my makeup is just as prone to fading away as it is during the hot summer weather. With this setting spray, I don’t have to worry about touching up all day long and fussing with products. And that’s what attracts me the most to this!


If you have any holy-grail face products for dry skin, I would love to know in the comment section. 

And as always, thanks for reading! 



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