I truly don’t think anything is better than a new and innovative lip line coming out. Something is just so exciting about trying a new formula, finding a shade you’ve never worn before and making it work, finding your next “holy grail” product.

And here are some products I think are worth mentioning!



BITE BEAUTY – Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo

I first saw them on this blog which featured tons of amazing swatches and details on the lipsticks. No one can deny these amazing colors – and the convenience! They look great for those grab-and-go days, or when you’re travelling. My favorite duo so far definitely has to be Rose Gold / Fig, of course. Fig is a color I naturally reach for day to day, and the extra sparkle adds a sweet little touch on an every day. 

Also, if you’re into those quick Day to Night looks, I feel like one of these duos would definitely be for you!


CHANEL – Rouge Allure Ink 

Honestly, when I saw this range, I wasn’t too impressed as far as the color range. They were all pink-based and mostly seemed like slight variations of the same shade. But… The formula was what attracted me to them. Everyone describes them as lightweight, easy, and moisturizing. Which is pretty amazing for a liquid lipstick. Because, let’s be real, most liquid lipsticks feel as if they suck all the moisture out of your lips immediately. And not only that, but they are mostly horrible at layering. So not only are you walking around with dessert mouth, you also have to somehow meticulously wipe all of your lip color off – of course, without smearing all over your face – and reapply it as fast as possible before it settles and flakes up.

The struggle, am I right?

But this line seems like an amazing product for the every day working girl, or the no-fuss gals who want the color pay off but minus the hassle.



Have you ever wanted the light weight formula of a lip stain and the longevity of a liquid lip? Well, then this is the perfect product for you. If you’re willing to pay the over $30 price point, that is. Giorgio Armani really hopped on the new liquid lipstick trend, and set the standards high for brands and makeup lovers everywhere with this product.


TARTEMatte Lip Paint 

I love the Melted Matte lip creams from  Tarte, so if their new line of Lip Paints are anything similar to the melted’s (finger’s crossed that they’re even better) I will surely fall into makeup induced bliss. I have the urge to buy them all – despite the fact that I haven’t even tried them. I mean… Just look at the cute packaging. That’s enough justification to buy a product right? The way it looks? …No? Okay, just me then.

What’s your favorite liquid lipstick formula you’ve ever tried? Do you have a favorite brand of lipsticks to buy from? Let me know in the comments below! 

And as always, thanks for reading! 



    1. Absolutely! For beginners, I love Pixi’s Mattelustre lipsticks. They are light, easy to apply, and just generally fantastic. Alao: Maybelline’s colorsensational lipstick is great with a good long lasting power and tons of shades! As far as liquid lipsticks, I recommend Revlon ultra HD matte lipsticks, and Smash Box’s Always On liquid lipstick range. These are all on the affordable side and some of my absolute favorites in my makeup collection!

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  1. I literally just grabbed one of their lip paint minis and I’m in love. It’s so soft and creamy on the lips and feels amazing. It’s not drying AT ALL and it fades rather than flaking off 😍😍😍 I got the shade latergram and it’s a gorgeous fall red


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