MORPHE BRUSHES | fantastic inexpensive brush guide


Hi friends! If you haven’t been keeping up with my social media, then let me announce for the first time on my blog: I am officially a makeup artist!

And I’ve got the receipts to prove it, let me tell you. I’ve been playing with a ton of new products as I’ve been building my kit, and one of the first orders I made was actually getting new brushes. (+ let me know in the comments if you’re interested in a makeup kit tour!).


Good quality brushes are essential to anyone who applies makeup, and it’s so easy to immediately break the bank getting good quality brushes if you aren’t careful. With my kit, I knew I wanted great brushes that would not only apply makeup flawlessly, but would also be cost efficient. So I immediately went onto Morphe’s website to purchase some essentials.

Here’s a little Must-Have guide to some essential brushes that I believe everyone needs – whether you’re a makeup artist or simply a makeup enthusiast!



01. M439 – Foundation

This honestly the best brush ever for buffing in foundation. It’s got a flat top, compact hairs, and is dense. It’s a bit larger too, which is nice because it makes blending any cream foundation a quick and easy breeze. You can apply the product straight onto the brush, or what I like to do is using a mixing plate/back of my hand, dab a little on the brush, and work it onto the skin bit by bit. By doing so, you are not using up any unnecessary product. It gives you a natural finish, almost as if you were using sponge applicator. However, it will not eat up all of your liquid product like a typical sponge would. Which is the best part, considering this brush makes a little product go a long way. Definitely a staple in my every day routine!


02. M523 – Contour

If theres every a brush that I am extremely picky about, its a contour brush. As a fellow chubby-cheeked gal, contouring is something that I take very seriously. But for years, I couldn’t find a brush that would pack on the product, blend it away seamlessly, and leave it the contour line looking sharp. Most brushes I cam across made the contour look patchy, muddy, and just overall caked up on my pale skin. Until I tried this brush. This brush is once again dense, but also flat enough to sculpt out your cheek bones, forehead, and jawline. I’ve used a ton of products with this brush – from powder, to cream, to even the ABH contour stick (which I thought was rendered un-blendable  until this brush). I have yet to meet a product that it cannot work on. Matter of fact, I’m about to stock up on some more of these for my kit.


03. M501 – Highlight

I see a lot of people who love Morphe’s fan brushes for highlight. But for me, I don’t really like how bulky fan brushes are, so I tend to steer clear from them, if I’m honest. For me, the perfect the highlight brush is something that is the perfect balance of fluffy and stiff, and has a lot of hairs packed tight towards the bottom and spread out at the top, allowing the ultimate blending package. And this brush is great for all your highlight needs – blending the product out, and making it as sheer/pigmented as you desire.


04. Eyes

I love Morphe eye brushes. They are an amazing, yet inexpensive, way to build up your collection with a large variety. Here are my go-to brushes that I love on my clients and myself.

M433 – packing on products all over the lid

E22 – a dense brush to pack on product in the outer portion of the eye, blending colors if you desire more pigmentation, packing on product with a “pouncing motion”


M321 – my favorite brush for adding a precise amount of color in the outer portion of the eye, smoking out a lash line, or packing on your inner-corner highlight

M441 – Overall Blending brush, perfect for applying transition colors

MB23 – Great for overall blending, or creating a softer look with less color

And there you have it, my Morphe Brush Guide with all of my favorite go-to brushes! These a brushes that I use on a daily basis and I think are absolutely timeless – and necessary!




Do you have any suggestions for great quality but inexpensive brushes? Let me know in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading!





  1. Great post! love Morphe brushes and was recently thinking of getting some eyeshadow brushes so this has really helped thanks 🙂


    1. It is so rewarding! I’ve been so excited to have the clients roll in, honestly! I’ve always had a passion for makeup, and with me planning to move to the West Coast in a few months, I wanted to give something new a try & gain experience before I move. So I enrolled in a course, graduated, and here I am! Super happy for this new path! I’m currently freelancing, but I’m scouting around for a job at a salon or retail store! So fingers crossed! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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