Hello friends! How was everyone’s holiday weekend? Mine was absolutely lovely – Tyler and I hosted our very own thanksgiving dinner in our home this year and it was absolutely amazing. We cooked, made memories, relaxed, and laughed together all weekend long. I made a sweet potato casserole with a pecan crumble topping that was an absolute hit, and our home is now officially decorated for Christmas. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Time flies, guys, seriously. It’s insane.

And since Christmas is right around the corner, I wanted to give you a little gift idea roundup for the fellow beauty lover’s out there. Shall we?


  • Etta & Billie’s hand crafted soap collection looks absolutely phenomenal and I plan to pick up a few soaps as gifts this Christmas. I currently have my eye on: Citrus Poppy Soap, Mint Coffee Sea Salt Body Scrub, & Ginger Orange Sea Salt Body Scrub. How amazing do they sound?!
  • SkinFoodByAB has a ton of variety in their shop; from facial oils and serums, to body scrubs and Muscle Ache balms. Aubrey, the shop owner, uses all these products on herself and her children and swears by them. Using RAW ingredients, she has built her company based on products that are gentle, calming, soothing, and for all skin types. Personally, I’m most excited to try her serums! I’m always looking for the best skin care products to add into my daily regime.
  • Rocky Top Soap Shop  immediately lurred me in with their amazing packaging, beautifully decadent soaps scattered in earthy hues. What can I say, I’m a sucker for cute things. For those who are sensitive to scented soaps and wish to opp for subtitles, then I would suggest checking out this beautifully all natural unscented soap company (+balms/oils!). They have an awesome offer where you can get an $18 sample pack of soaps so you don’t have to stick to one scent/batch of ingredients, which I think is genius; especially for people like me who are super picky AND sensitive to soaps, products, and ingredients. Or if you just generally have commitment issues – no judgments here. This takes the guessing game out of it all, which is a nice & unique touch. Well played, Rocky Top!

TOTE BAGS – oh, how I am a sucker for you. Here are some that appeal to me, and I hope appeal to you!





Thanks for sticking around to see my gift guide! I hope you’ve found this useful! Want to see another gift guide roundup? Let me know in thec




  1. My SO and I send each other our Christmas wish list every year… it was such a challenge to come up with what I wanted this year. I wished I had this list last week! 😛 Maybe I’ll sneak some items in… especially the Rocky Top Soap Shop soaps!

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