I don’t know about you, but my productivity levels deplete when the weather is dreary. Which is a bit strange, considering I absolutely love when it rains and snows. Seriously, it’s my favorite. But there’s nothing like spending a gray day inside, cozy, and relaxing. I feel like it’s permanently embedded in my brain that precipitation = relaxation.

And let me just fill you in on something: Baltimore has been so dreary lately, with constant rain. Which never really happens during the winter time. So in addition to the new year being damp, it has also been a slow-start. I’ve been surprisingly productive, but not as productive as I’d be if it wasn’t so incredibly freezing and wet.

But with that being said, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. And you can only cuddle on the sofa in fuzzy socks and warm tea before you start to get a little cozy. So here we go: here’s your list of things to do when you’re bored and are in need of some entertainment.


  1. Have a spa day. I am sucker for a good at-home spa day routine. Light some candles, grab a book, throw some epsom salts or bath bombs in your bath, and have a good time. Extra points if you put on a mask before you hop in. Follow it up with a shave, some body butter for moisturizing, and a great skincare routine.
  2. Start something you’ve always wanted to begin, but never did.
  3. Yoga or meditation
  4. Invite some friends/family, and have a movie or game night. This is always a good time to tell them “PJ’s only!” and make a nice spread of snacks for them to enjoy.
  5. Organize your closet. Or, sort through all your clothes and find which you want to keep, throw out, or donate.
  6. Wash your makeup brushes
  7. Organize your
  8. Write some blog posts in advanced
  9. Take time to plan something. Whether it be upcoming blog posts, goals, workouts, an upcoming trip, a project, etc.
  10. Start reading a book you’ve been wanting to start
  11. Bake a sweet or cook a meal
  12. If you’re an extrovert and start to get a little antsy being stuck inside, try going to a coffee shop
  13. If you feel like your home is a bit cluttered, try downsizing by getting rid of some items
  14. Plan some outfits in advance for the upcoming week. Getting prepared is always nice!
  15. If you’re fairly new to blogging, take an opportunity to learn how to take photos in dimly lit scenes. This will come in handy!
  16. Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while and catch up with them.
  17. Plan things to do when the weather is better (You can probably tell: I’m a huge planner & list maker)
  18. Paint your nails & toes a fun color – it will help bring a pop of life into your life
  19. If you’re in need of going out somewhere, try going to a museum or movie theater
  20. Take a look at some tasks you’ve been meaning to get done lately, but just haven’t had “enough time in the day to complete”. We’re all guilty of it. Now’s a great time to kick those tasks in the booty!
  21. If you’re someone who’s been wanting to get healthier, try cleaning out your kitchen and getting rid of anything unhealthy. Go the grocery store and get some fresh foods!
  22. This one goes hand in hand with #22, but maybe find some new recipes you want to try (whether it be through pinterest, or with cook books).
  23. Meal prep
  24. If you have a pet, try spending time with them. I have a pretty busy lifestyle, but on days where I’m the house with nothing to do, I love taking times to play with my dog, giver her treats, and give her & my cats any pampering they may need (bath, nail trims, haircut, etc).
  25. If you a special someone’s birthday is coming up, it may be a good time to online shop & find some gifts you think he/she would enjoy. It takes the hassle out later!

What are some tasks you like to do on a rainy winter day? I’d love to know some more ideas in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading!



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