NEW WET N’ WILD RELEASES | product review

Hello, babes!

I’ve been on a Wet N’ Wild kick lately (honestly, it started off when they released their brushes and I haven’t been able to stop buying their products). So when I heard that they launched some new products, I jumped on the bandwagon, headed to Wallgreens aaaand here we are.

Let’s do this.


01. Photofocus Foundation in Nude Ivory.

This product states it, “helps eliminate white reflection” aka flashback.

While it’s a bit too dark for me, I do enjoy the little spatula it comes on. However, I wish it were a pump for sanitary reasons.

I wish it came with a larger amount of shades, instead of being so limited.

The consistency is nice, I definitely prefer how it applies with a sponge instead of a synthetic brush. If you’re dry, be sure to moisturize well beforehand and put a nice smoothing/pore filling primer on because the first time I used it, it settled into my dry skin and really accentuated my pores, dry patches, and fine lines

You really have to pack on the product to get a decent amount of coverage, even with a damp sponge, which I was surprised at. And if you’re a similar skin tone to me, you may find that the lightest color is too dark & pink, and oxidizes a bit as well.

However, the foundation feels lightweight and smooth, and after a minute or two it really dries down to a matte and feels as if it locks itself into place. This may be a good drug store choice for those with oily to combination skin, as it doesn’t appear like it will slip and slide off your face during the days.

Overall, every time I have tried to wear this, I have been a bit disappointed. I don’t think it suits my skin type or tone very much, so I won’t be reaching for it often.

Rate: 3/10


02. Cushion Contour 

I was super stoked when I found out that they were now selling cushion contour products. I’m so down for it, honestly. After trying it a few times, I definitely suggest using it with a small stippling brush or angled sponge, to avoid it being patchy.

Definitely use a little at a time and blend to your desired finish. Being pale, this product is a little bit too warm toned and dark, leaving a “muddy” look on my cheeks.

If you’re darker than me, like a warm contour/bronzer, and are a fan of lightweight cream products, you will enjoy this.

I really enjoy the consistency and the natural feeling it gives. It quickly dries down and locks itself in place, which is nice. I just don’t enjoy the color.

While I don’t think I would reach for it all the time, I do like the idea of super lightweight, blendable product for those minimal makeup/quick makeup days. And this will definitely suffice.

Rate: 4/10


03. Cushion Highlighter

Again I say: Whaaaaaat?

This highlighter is a soft baby pink with bits of silver in it, and upon blending it dulls down to a light glow. Another great product for those minimal/quick days. Easy to blend a way, super light weight.

This is definitely my favorite product out of the bunch, and the one I’d reach for the most.

Rate: 7/10

04. Final Thoughts

Generally speaking for all the products, I wish there was a larger shade range to fit a better variety of skin tones!

They’re all lightweight but buildable, which is amazing. And they don’t seem to be too patchy or wear off in patches.

Not a big fan of the packaging overall!

All of the products are something I wouldn’t find myself reaching for as often as I had hoped, but aren’t terrible products either. Definitely interested in experimenting with them more to make them more usable!

Have you tried any of their new products? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading!



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