I can’t believe it’s been over a year since Tyler and I purchased our first home together, and it still feels like a dream, even after all this time. Moving out comes with a ton of responsibility, life-lessons, and… home purchases.

Amidst learning how to tackle the dishes as you use them, and getting on a cleaning schedule with the others you live with (Admittedly, I still persuade him to the dishes. Washing dishes are the worst, am I right?) you start to fill your nook  with pieces of each other’s personalities and interests.

Today I wanted to delve into some of the purchases I’ve made over the last year that I don’t think I could go without now that I have them.

Invest into a good bed. 

My entire life I have had a twin-size bed all to myself. So I know immediately that when we moved into our home, my first big purchase was going to be a comfortable bed. We opted for a king, a size that could comfortably fit us both and our black lab. And honestly, I’m so happy we took the time and money to invest into a good frame and mattress type that suits us both. It makes going to bed after a long day that much more enjoyable.

Don’t skimp out on your bed! Seriously, your back will thank you in the long run. A good quality bed should definitely be a priority.

A decent sofa.

When we first moved in, we received Tyler’s dad’s old sofa. It was bright red and well loved . And went with absolutely nothing in the rest of the home. Finally, after getting adjusted to my new job (Did I mention that I spontaneously quit my job a week before we moved in? Yeah, you could say adjusting to not having a job and having bills was a little crazy) and responsibilities, we went sofa-hunting. I knew I wanted a gray sofa, with a clean frame. And eventually, we found the perfect one to finish off our living room area and it really completes the space nicely.

I definitely suggest when styling your space, start with your key furniture – sofa, coffee table, entertainment stand, etc. and work from there.

Get a water filter.

Okay, guys. I’m just gonna say it: I had a real issue with plastic water bottles. I would by case after case, drink them way too quickly, and by the end of the evening would notice that there was just tons of water bottles laying around my office and living room from throughout the day.

I quickly realized that a good water filter is necessary to cut back on waste and trash, and just to overall stop the flow of plastic in the environment. I bought a brita water filter and some reusable water bottles and here we are. I definitely recommend it for anyone who finds themselves reaching for water bottles often.

A vacuum.

I tried for ages to get out of investing upwards to $90 on a vacuum. In my mind at the time (and admittedly, still to this day) the idea of spending that much on a vacuum blows my mind. And it hurts both my feelings and my wallet. But I noticed by buying cheap vacuums – and replacing them every month or so since they literally were horrible and sucked nothing up – I could have just bought one really good one in the end.

I know, it sucks (pun-intended) but trust me, the vacuum will pay for itself time and time again. Especially if you have animals that shed like I do. You never realize just how much you need a vacuum until you use an amazing one and you see just how much hair it collects from your cats. It’s gross. Don’t do it to yourself. Trust. 

A designated work space area / desk.

Tyler and I are both on the computer a ton – he’s a tech guy, and I just have a serious addiction to binge watching youtube/netflix in the evenings. And while I’m guilty of laying in bed on my laptop a ton, creating a designated work space from the bedroom has been super helpful. If you don’t have a spare room, don’t fret. Make a cute little nook in your living room, kitchen area will totally suffice. Heck, a closet or shed will suffice as well.

But I would definitely suggest separating work/your computer from your bedroom if possible. You’ll see your productivity spike just from that small change.

I personally believe expressing yourself and investing in your personality is so important. No matter your budget, there’s always a way to make your space feel that much more like a home – a place you feel happy, comfortable, and proud to be in each night.

What are some must-have items you’ve accumulated with your own space? I’d love to know all about them in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading!

-Kimberly Starr




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