budget buys (3)

I’m all about the cute & the quirky, friends. And I love nothing more than a good deal. Matter of fact, I often times have no self restraint when it comes to deals.

Yeah, you could say my savings account is sad because of it.

But we won’t talk about that, will we?

Here are some things that I’ve been eyeballing lately, that I know you’ll love (plus – everything is super colorful and spring-ready. Cute, right? I like to think so).

Let’s get this party started.


01. Girl Power Shirt 

02. H&M triple stacked necklace 

03. H&M glasses 

04. French Girl’s Sea Salt Spray

05. cup w/ lid& built-in infuser 

06. yellow journal 

07. wooden bowl 

08. hanging plant holder

09. minimalist succulent holder 

10. pens 

11. pink air plant

12. pastel & bamboo kitchen utensils

And as always, thanks for reading! -Kimberly Starr



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