March has been a whirl-wind of amazing products that are easy, light-weight, and fast. I’ve been focusing more on a great skin care routine, and products that are super low maintenance to give me that extra boost of color when I need it.

My typical morning makeup routine consists of mostly cream products. I’ve been using a lot of cream blushes and bronzers to bring some life to cheeks, a quick one-step brow routine, light coat of mascara, and a bit of eyeliner on my tight-line and boom, I’m ready for the day.

Interested on some specific products? Keep on reading!

01. Burts Bee’s lipstick range

I’ve been a fan of Burt’s Bee’s for a few years now, but honestly, nothing has quite made me as excited as this lipstick range. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to purchase every single color in a lipstick collection quite like I do with this one.


With an array of beautiful colors (including colors from every-day nudes, to a lovely rose, to a berry), a creamy long-lasting texture, and hydrating consistency, they really did a great job with these.


I have been reaching for these three shades more than the rest, and they’ve found a permanent place in my handbag.

02. smith’s rose bud salve

I’ve never been one to obsess over salves and lip balms. Yeah, they’re nice. But I never really found myself reaching for them daily, tossing them in my purse, or even remembering to put them on.

That is, up until I purchased this on an impulse. And now I put it on every evening and morning after my skin care.

It has a lovely rose scent, so if you’re sensitive to scents you may want to stray away from this one.  It’s super deep-moisturizing and creamy, and I’m in love.


03. coconut makeup remover

I first heard about this from Arden Rose, and she raved about how amazing it is. I immediately went out and bought it that night, and haven’t looked back since. Most makeup removers are harsh; they aggravate my skin, strip all my natural oils away, and sting my eyes.


However, this one feels like water on your face. It’s gentle and can be used on your eyes, it has hydrating properties in it, smells like coconuts, and literally gets your makeup off using only ONE cotton round.

It sounds perfect, right?

That’s because it is.

This has quickly become my favorite micellar water/makeup remover. And I’m not mad about it.


04. fresh cleanser & mask duo

I received this lovely duo from my partner, Tyler, as a gift over the holiday season. And I instantly new it was going to be a re-purchase.


The cleanser is lovely and soothing, leaving my face feeling soft and rejuvinated after every use. And the mask is a lovely hydrating consistency, and smells of lovely natural extracts and rose.

Both of these products together brighten up my dull-looking skin, hydrate, and leave my skin feeling soft. I love using it after a Sunday pamper night.

05. benefit gimme brow

Overall, I have been embracing light-weight, low profile, and easy makeup. So I picked up the gimme brow when I ran out of my glossier boy brow, and I’ve been loving how my brows looked. Thick and feathery, yet natural defined. The color defines my otherwise translucent brows and the fibers in the gel makes them look super thick and full.

Definitely a must-try!


06. it cosmetics cc cream

I packed away all my thick full-coverage foundation temporarily and have been opting for lightweight tinted moisturizers, bb/cc creams, and light coverage foundations.

And might I say, I think this one of my favorite that I have tried so far.

It’s lightweight, but easily buildable. With one layer I can get the desired coverage, while also allowing my skin to breath and my freckles to lightly peek out.

I pair it with smashbox primer oil or primer water to keep it locked in place all day, and it’s been my favorite base product this month.

Again, if you are sensitive to smells, this has a lovely, yet subtle citrus scent to it.

What are some products you have been loving throughout March? I’d love to hear in the comment section! 

And as always, thanks for reading! – Kimberly Starr



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