Hey guys, I’m writing this one at 1am (well 12:55, but same difference). Sundays are quickly becoming my fav, as they’re usually the most calming day of the week. By Sunday, my work is completed, I’ve relaxed, the home is clean, and I can really just do whatever I’d like.

Stay in bed? Sure. Walk the dog? Yes. Watch movies all day? Mhm. Brunch? Oh, yeah. Explore a new town? Sounds fun. Spend all day pre-writing blog posts? Why not.

This week marks the Official 1 Month before I leave for Seattle and let me just say: I’m pumped. I can’t wait to show you all some travel-content.

And speaking of content…

Here’s some awesome posts I’ve been loving this weekend, and I know you’ll enjoy them too:

01. Going through a rough patch in your relationship? This is a super helpful post. 

02. In the mood for a good documentary? Here’s a huge list. 

03. 5 Thought-provoking podcasts run by women 

04. Here’s an amazing list to read this month 

05. 15 Summer Destinations that’ll have you swooning. 

A quick roundup thoughts:

01. I’ve began using watercolors. It’s very therapeutic. Have anxiety? Give it a go.

02. I came out with a free downloadable worksheet all about tips for making 2017 the year you love yourself unconditionally. Read it here! 

03. I’m la-la-loving pink & red. Such an iconic duo. I sense a new instagram theme coming soon because of it…

04. Workouts & podcasts are my favorite combo right now. Exercising your body & mind simultaneously has really been getting me back in my Zone.

05. I’m making my own prints for my living room walls. It’s been a super fun process you guys. More on that coming soon!


And as always, thanks for reading! -Kimberly Starr


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