Ultimate Guide to Styling Slip-On’s, Mules, & Loafers


One spring trend that I have been absolutely loving this season is definitely slip on shoes. Whether their vans, the sling back loafers, or pastel mules, I can’t get enough.

So that’s why today I want to show you how I personally style slip on shoes.

I can’t promise that you’re not gonna want to immediately go out and buy about 3+ pair like I did (oops).

01. The Weekender

Frayed-hem jeans, crisp button up, a statement neck scarf, and the perfect layering piece.

Who else can see themselves grabbing a morning coffee and bagel, popping down to the farmer’s market, or walking the pup in these?


02. Nautical Dreams

I love wearing this outfit for a casual spring day. The colorful bag ads a pop of unexpected color, making this outfit perfect for the warmer weather.


03. Playful Picnic

Tuck an off-the-shoulder top into an indigo denim skirt and you are totally ready for a day frolicking in the fields, eating fruit in the sun on a picnic blanket, and exploring a new town.


04. The Roadtrip

Speaking of new towns… is this not the perfect summer road trip outfit? Who’s ready for long drives to 80s music?


05. The 9 to 5

I love the idea of switching the normal work-wear to pastel colors for the sunnier days. No one ever said work-wear had to be boring. Tuck a cute blouse in at the front, make a statement with a pastel mule, and you are set for your shift at the office.


What outfit could you see yourself wearing from above? Let me know in the comment section! I think #1 and #5 definitely fit into my lifestyle the most. I’ve been loving pastel colors for spring, can you tell? 

And as always, thanks for reading! 

– Kimberly Starr



  1. I love mules and little slip on loafers on everyone but I feel a little nervous to try them out myself?! I have no idea why! These were such cute outfits though – I love the styles you chose. The road trip one is actually mt favourite but I loved them all! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I felt the same way in the beginning. I’m definitely more of a boot or sneaker gal. I think the trick is to find a style that’s within your comfort zone. Perhaps you’re not mentally ready to wear a bright pink suede mule just yet – but a classic black loafer (sling back or classic style) that more easy to wear, a muted color, and goes with a bunch of different outfits may help introduce you! And then once you’re comfortable, I would just go from there. That’s what I did and it definitely help. I also substituted my casual nike’s for a pair of all black slip on vans and that helped me get comfortable as well! 🙂


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