SUNNY SIDE UP | styling your work space


One of the most important rooms in my home is my office, especially nowadays with all the projects and such I’m working on. So styling it is always really important. I knew that when we moved in I would be working with a super tight space so my main goal was to make the space as functional as possible. And I don’t know how we managed to fit two people’s work stations into a tiny little closet-like room, but we managed… for a while. And then it got super crowded and I couldn’t take it anymore. So today my S.O and I spent nearly the whole afternoon cleaning up the office, throwing unwanted things away, and generally rearranging. And this upcoming week I plan on completely revamping my office to fit my needs and style more. So here are some things I’ve found in the past that has helped me, and things I will be doing soon to change up the space!Β 

styling your space kimberly starr plan

Whenever I’m re-configuring my office, I always start with the bare minimum and work my way up. I usually sketch the format of my area out, to really see how the space will flow, before I begin moving furniture. Mostly because I’m lazy and want it to be a quick one-hit-wonder with no mental breakdowns in the process. I think about what I need for it to be functional, what my purpose of the area is for, and sketch along the way. For me, I knew I needed a practical desk station, a place to store all my stuff, and a little area for me to be able to do some yoga.

styling your space kimberly starr basics

I struggle a lot with this, considering I’m a lover of stationary and buying endless crap I don’t need. But I put the key big items (Desk, computer, book shelves, clothing rack, vanity, whatever it may be) and set it up. Usually this process will take a while to really get it the way I want it, but in the end it seems to work out fine. I usually find a ton of stuff to throw away in this process too, which is always nice. And during this step I put away things like my makeup, my notebooks, etc.

styling your space kimberly starr HEART

I’m all about being orderly (for about a day, and then it gets messy again, let’s be real) so I’m always looking for new ways to organize my things neatly and away. Mostly so no one can actually tell I hoard washy tape and pens for absolutely no reason. Because if I’m gonna have 15 different highlighters, I want it to be in style, ya’ll. So anyways, back to what I was saying: Look for ways to make it not only stylistically pleasing, but also convenient. I like shallow bins for inside drawers to store away lipsticks and mascaras, floating shelves to have things within reach while still maintaining a minimal desk, cute labeled bins, and a bunch of other stuff. Amazon, Ikea, and H&M home are all great for getting some cute pieces to hide your clutter.

styling your space kimberly starr GLITTER

After everything is away and I no longer get an immediate headache just looking at the space, it’s time to make it pretty. Plants are always a good choice to bring a space to life, especially if you want a serene work space. I also like to frame some prints and artwork on the walls to give it a little pizzazz. Some aesthetically pleasing ideas to keep out on display are: a bit of makeup, some notebooks/magazines, a tiny bowl with some rings inside, your favorite candles, or some almost-to-pretty-to-use stationary items like a gold stapler.Β 

And that wraps it up for today! I wanted to add this to this series specifically because an organized space is a key factor in my productivity levels. And it’s definitely a mood booster. And we’re all here to get some positive vibes, am I right?!

I would love to hear about some things you’ve done to your own office to make it suit you. Let me know in the comment section!


And as always, thanks for reading!





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