Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Lip

Hi friends! I’m sure by now we all know that lipstick can be the perfect cherry-on-top to the best makeup looks. Over the years, the definition of the “perfect lip” has evolved as makeup styles have changed. From bright colors, to Hollywood reds, glittery glosses, and nude liquid lipsticks, there has been a trend throughout every decade.

There’s no denying that your lipstick is empowering, whether you’re the night-out kind of gal or the coffee-shop blogger. Or who knows, perhaps you’re both.

But with that being said, here’s the perfect recipe for your makeup collection to ensure you have a lip for every occasion.



01. The Night-In 

Part of my evening skincare routine is putting on a deep-moisturizing salve/balm right before I go to bed so upon waking up, my lips are lipstick-ready.

But it doesn’t stop there – I suggest keeping a lighter everyday lip balm with you in the morning. Typically, I put a lip balm on right before I do my entire makeup routine so that way when it get’s to the last step – the lip product – all I have to do is wipe off the excess lip balm, apply the desired lip color, and boom. Your lips are chap-free and ready to take on the day.

Another Pro Tip: Find that your lips are still prone to chapping, cracking, or just generally looking dry? Exfoliate your lips and apply a mask once a week. You can even make super nourishing at-home ones that are super affordable and easy.


1 balm

02. The Casual Gal – (also perfect for anyone who works)

Nothing is worse than applying a dramatic lip and having to fuss around with it all day while you’re in and out of meetings, talking to clients, getting some work done at your favorite cafe, or having tacos on your lunch break.

For everyday, have some perfect go-to shades that are easy and low-maintenance. You’ll thank yourself, trust me.

Hint Hint: These could be anything from tinted lip balms, your-lips-but-better lipsticks, or even a long lasting lip liner.

2 everyday


03. Retro Red

Nothing is more satisfying than pairing a red lip with a winged eyeliner, am I right?

This is a staple product that everyone should have at least one of in their collection.


4 reds perfect


04. Bright & Light

My favorite way to wear pops of colors is with lip stains. I know – it’s not typically something that you hear nowadays. You thought I was going to say liquid lipstick, didn’t you?

Nope. I don’t have time for the fuss. But if you do, all the power to you. Teach me your ways.


I love wearing lip stains because they feel like you’re wearing nothing on your lips. They’re light weight, easy, all without compromising on pigment. Plus they’re super long lasting and I find they fade pretty nicely throughout the day.

Nothing irritates me more when I have a bright pink lipstick, take a sip of coffee, and my entire lip smears off. Also, you can forget about the hassle of getting color on your shin, having it stain your coffee cup or water bottle, or getting it on your teeth.

It’s bullet proof. It’s definitely essential.

3 stains

05. The All-Nighter 

I’m not much of a berry-tone wearer, if I’m honest. On a typical night-out, date night, or event, I opt for a deep warm-toned pinks. They’re a bit more dramatic, easy to wear, and don’t make me feel completely out of my comfort zone.

Find the perfect shade that makes you feel both confident and comfortable while out for the evening.


What lip products are you loving currently? Let me know in the comment section!

And as always, thanks for reading! 

– Kimberly Starr 



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