WORK DAY PLAYLIST | music to fuel your productivity



I’ve always been the type of person who needs low & mellow music in the background. It helps me tune everything out, focus on what is important, and generally just get my hectic tasks done.

If you’re like me and need a bit of instrumentals in the background, or are generally just looking for new ways to stay productive and focused on your tasks, then this post is perfect for you.

I’ve accumulated a list of songs that keep me fueled up during a productive day, and I’m happy to share them with you.


Side Note: Instrumental not your thing? Try listening to the La La Land soundtrack. I can’t guarantee that you won’t stop for a mini-break of singing, but I can guarantee you will have some upbeat and good music to listen to alongside your work-day. 

Feel free to let me know if you have any songs, artists, or albums that you like to listen to when you’re the most productive. I’d love to hear all about your productivity process!

And as always, thanks for reading! -Kimberly Starr 


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