Hey friends! I’ve never been one to wear jewelry up until about a year or so ago, when I began wearing minimal necklaces and watches. My style in generally pretty casual and easy-going, I don’t like to fuss around with anything.

With that being said, being comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be super boring. You can still look stylish, out effort into your outfits, and generally just be put together.

I think there is a slight misconception with the idea of “comfortable-wear” nowadays. I think most people generally confuse it for outfits consisting of leggings, tennis shoes, and a lot of basic t’s (which, to be fair, does sound pretty cozy) – but it doesn’t have to be just that.

It could be a pair of nice soft trousers and a bell-sleeved blouse, a nice bohemian dress, even a pair of relaxed-fit denim and your fav button up.

But no matter what your style preferences are, I think we can all agree that “dainty gold jewelry” has become a huge thing recently and I am super into it.

It’s the perfect way to look a bit more put-together all the while remaining effortless and cool.

Today, I’ve searched the internet and found some of my favorite pieces to show you today.



one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight 

Layering minimal necklaces is always a fun way to make an outfit look that much more interesting. Have some fun by playing with styles, lengths, and mix-and-matching the charms to get that effortless look.

earrings (1)

one / two / three / four / five / six

 I can easily say that earrings are my least-worn jewelry item,  but coincidentally it’s also one of my favorite items to gaze longingly at over the internet. How gorgeous is number 2, an aqua set of ear climbers. And number 6, the raw cut diamonds. Major heart eyes for all of these, honestly.

What’s your thoughts on minimal-looking jewelry? Are you a fan or is a bit too reserved for your fun personality? Have a favorite from the list below? I’d love to know in the comment section! 

And as always, thanks for reading! – Kimberly Starr 



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