Weekly Roundup | 5 things you should know

work smart (1)

Hi friends! How are you?

This past week has been a compilation of me drinking too much coffee, trying to get my life back together after vacation, me saying, “I really need a nap.”, and me finally going to bed at 12am exhausted, but not falling asleep until nearly 2am. Needless to say, I’m hoping this upcoming week is just as eventful, but less stressful.

In other news, I finally got my blog back in order! I took some time to really enjoy my birthday and vacation, and when I came back I had a huge brainstorm on where I’m going with Bloom & Co. And now I’m refreshed, I’m back, an I have a ton of new content (+ even more content on the way, of course!).

If you aren’t following Bloom & Co. on instagram yet, I highly suggest it. I’m uploading a ton, and I’m showing a lot of behind-the-scenes on my insta-stories. It’s been fun!

Now that my schedule is working it’s self out, my house is finally in-order, and I’m generally just over jetlag, I’m back to creating new content, painting, and doing tons of calligraphy. Would you be interested in a few posts centered around that? Let me know in the comment section because I would love to share it with you all!

With that being said, you know how there’s work. I’m gonna share with you a list of awesome things that I know you’ll enjoy.

Have a great day, friend! 

01. Here is an awesome list of 15 free workouts. Super excited to give these a go on the days I’m unable to go to the gym!

02. This article is for those who aren’t a fan of summer clothes and generally lose all confidence/style during the hot months. Super helpful read!

03. 30 Outfits for June. Major heart eyes for all of these!

04. Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipstick in the shade “Famous” is a must-have right now. I’ve been wearing it non-stop.

05. Here’s a swoon-worthy post of amazing places everyone should visit before their 30. Who’s ready or a summer vacation? I know I am!

And as always, thanks for reading! -Kimberly Starr


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